Dr. Gao Yu-chi

  Based on secret prescriptions handed down in the family from generation to generation and nearly 30 years of clinical practice and research, Dr. Gao initiated treatment of hyperthyroidism with traditional Chinese Medicine. That is to combine oral medicine with plasters applied on the neck. Up to now, he has heated about 60,000 hyperthyroidism patients. The total recordedeffectiveness is 98.7% of them have been cured. Normally the patient can feel the difference within a period of a month. The recovery of the gland won't be less than 70 135970364thin 3 months. 951006315040f patients with protruding eyes can be totally recovered in about a year's time. Recurrence is rare if cured.

  Dr. Gao is an experienced as well as a responsible doctor. He is now research fellow at Cui Yue-li Traditional Medical Research Center, Beijing. He is currently one of the few experts who is able to cure hyperthyroidism in both China and overseas. The effectiveness is the same with mastiffs patients. Dr. Gao's treatment of parotitis is excellent, the cure rate is nearly 100and no after-effect is expected.

  Professor Ji Liang-chen comes every Friday morning to Dong Cheng Ping Xin Tang, Cui Yue-li Traditional Medical Research Center, Beijing for consultation. Please make an
appointment for consultation.

  Address: No. 1 Tai Ji Chang, Dong Cheng District, Baljing

  Tel: (010)65235566